My dog attacking my face and 30 minutes.

I was not gonna go jogging today…
I heard my alarm and I was like… Oh! F*ck you! I’m having an awesome dream (which consist of my crush and a bed…)

So I was like thinking to myself I will just do fitMarch, by one of the blogs I follow here on wordpress… By betsy… Her blog is the everyday warrior? I think… Sorry betsy if its not.

That’s when I realized my dog is playing with me she was jumping at my face and I was all… Okay I’m changing now.. Run run run…

this is what my dog did after attacking my face, slept… like she’s done her job… and she did… love this bitch! :]


So, when I was running I went to c4 its this park about 2 or 3 kms from my house and watched the people who was doing aerobics for like 2 minutes… Super amused, they are like 300 people in there, I was quite tempted to join but there were also 200 people watching so I settled for 5 laps around the park (another first) then the sun caught up with me (another indication that I jogged late… So, I started to brisk walk home… And now im resting, and after writing this blog, ill do fitMarch and then a little rest and shower… Cause you all know my mom will go bbananas on me again if I shower ”so soon” after my exercise…

So that’s it… Music on fitMarch here I come!


Btw… I here the priest from the church doing mass (is that counted as attending? No, I don’t think so)


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