2016 in travels

Been travelling around Luzon (Philippines) a lot lately. these aren't the best shots but I'm planning on showing my better pictures on a separate post. Color Manila - Pasay, Metro Manila Pampanga (wedding prep) Pampanga again (first wedding in my College group!) Bulacan (post wedding) Pampanga again (my grandfather's death anniversary) Batangas Pampanga again! (grandmother's … Continue reading 2016 in travels


A little bit of contradiction

How nature and progress collide Photos when my cousin showed me around the village next to ours, i think there's parts that they're developing into a new village and the parts that are farms, reminding us that were still in the province, also i was gonna take a picture of the name of the village … Continue reading A little bit of contradiction

Taking the mountain bike around “The Village”

You know i was looking for an inspiration for the blog 🙂 I couldn't find things to write about so i decided I'm just going to take a picture of random things and stuff hehe First, i was alone and i spotted this suicidal chicken, i actually almost bumped into it then decided to take … Continue reading Taking the mountain bike around “The Village”

One of those days where…

Im irritated with everything... I mean... so I got up early and already, received the worst news ever... then...my aunt and i went out for dinner i rode the bus and the freakin' "protesters" just vandalized the road island with things they dont like about the government... WHY DONT YOU FREAKIN START WITH YOURSELVES AND … Continue reading One of those days where…