Today, I was supposed to do a million things…
But call me queen slack or princess of procrastination because I just sat there on the couch and be a couch marshmallow… And eat marshmallow and pringles all day…

I am the epitome of lazy today…
I don’t even have a topic to post for you!
(although that one paragraph up there and these to sentences right above this parenthesis is something)
Butt seriously… This is going nowhere… Its like your reporting about amino acids and the third slide is a picture of barney (not the purple one) and darth vader… Which, let’s be honest… Will crack the class for like 5 minutes… But after that what?

There is no lesson…

Well, let’s see.. That’s the lesson of this post… Hillarity, if pointless… Comfort if amounting to nothing is one of the worst things you can ever do in life…

I didn’t say we just do do do (i wrote do do! Hihi!) I’m saying to phase ourselves to a borderline of worthy/important and fun… This has the thinnest line of all is what I’m saying, you can be both worthy/importand and fun… (like barney, I don’t like barney much… I swear! -Aren’t I a big fat (ouch) liar??-) —> this is an example of my blog yesterday… Attention span… Check it out, the blog before this (can’t I just have link?? Well, maybe later… I’m on my freakin’ phone) so… Where am I?? Right… There we are… Hi!

If important/worthy and fun cannot be in the same sphere, balance your time with both… So, life can amount to something…

I don’t want you to be zombie and just do do do… (I wrote do do again. Lol!)
I don’t want you to do nothing important and just do thing that are fun now…

I want you to do something important that’s fun for you for a long time (in the future if its not possible right now)

So… This is a long blog for someone who doesn’t have anything to write about in the beginning…
Thanks for reading.
Love you guys! :*


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