I'm writing this as I'm reading posts on facebook regarding the measles outbreak in the Philippines a year into the Dengvaxia scandal. I've been reading the comments regarding "Big Pharma" which is not new to me since I'm aware of the anti-vaxxer movement in the United States. I'm just thinking, simply put if you're not … Continue reading BIG PHARMA



I guess the only thing to do right now is just to move forward...   medicine, its hard... earlier i just sat on two finals exams of a subject im taking now for the second time, and as im sitting there i know, ive failed again knowing full well that this time i did not … Continue reading Just

From my new ipad

Just trying it out! Hehe... Also thanks to my dad... For buying me this... Hes the coolest and most awesome dad ever! Hey! Can you follow me on instagram? @kahyehm thats also my twitter account @kahyehm ----- hey i didnt see that it failed... This was from last week! Haha!

gadget SURVEY (please answer?)

so... since im really good at computers (NOT!) i cant figure out how to make a survey tool here on wordpress... so anyway, i need to ask you guys something, my regarding what i wrote earlier... about my dad buying me a tablet and my brother a new phone... so the choices are...Sony Xperia Tablet ZandIPAD … Continue reading gadget SURVEY (please answer?)