I’m writing this as I’m reading posts on facebook regarding the measles outbreak in the Philippines a year into the Dengvaxia scandal. I’ve been reading the comments regarding “Big Pharma” which is not new to me since I’m aware of the anti-vaxxer movement in the United States.

I’m just thinking, simply put if you’re not arguing about Autism (which is a whole bag of stupidity unto itself) and just thinking about “Big Pharma” just wanting to make money of other people thru health, then I don’t get you.

Here’s my argument.

1. Of course vaccine will cost you some money, because really, its a business. There was research, time, effort, materials and manufacturing cost that was needed for the vaccines to be made, and the “Big Pharma” and doctors would want money in exchange for that, because you know, doctors and “Big Pharma” employees and businessmen have lives too. Would you expect your craft which you put time and effort to be given free of charge?

2. So, you’re willing to buy a brand new phone, branded clothes, laptops, sneakers, cars and houses yearly without batting an eye but when it comes to your health, you’ll just ignore years of research and facts about how the world is better now health-wise just because you think some sinister force is just trying to make money off of you? Your health? Your child’s health? Come on.

The world is not a drama series where there will always be a villain. Not unless you make one yourself or you believe in someone who makes one for you. Wake up.


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