I never count calories…

I just look at the box to know, then eat it anyway…
Especially when your staple food is rice… You just can’t do that… There is not nutrition facts in the rice sack… Then, there’s no nutrition facts on the plastic of veggies in the market too…

Anyway, I was thinking that ”eh, been sailing for 18 years without counting calories…”

But now, I’m thinking I’m gonna change that… I’m gonna count calories… And check out things if its good for me or not… I know I have like, the best metabolism a girl could ask for, but even so, this speed car metabolism of mine cannot catch up on how I eat… Because I tell you, I eat like a construction worker (seriously) but now… I’m going to moderate…

So, first i’ll check out dieting plans, but mainly I i’ll just go for white meat fruits and veggies, and avoid, pork and beef… I had a dieting plan from a real doctor before, but I already forgot that… Haha! So, time to start from scratch…

If you have ideas on dieting plans or sites for that, I would so love it if you comment? Thanks!! Love you!!


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