Who do you think you are thoughts

So I’ve been watching “Who Do You Think You Are” while studying and I’ve really thought about legacy and family.

I really don’t know how to piece it all together.

But first, i just thought you know, most of the time. All the things you do will be forgotten by the people you’re related to but always, always the impact of what you have done still stands.

It just became a pattern as I watch it, that thought…

From the Courteney Cox story where her ____x great grand father was a king in the UK

Sir Ian McKellen, his grandfather being maybe the grandfather of the weekend.

Kelly Clarkson, her grandfather was a civil war veteran who became a sheriff and then became a senator of the same party (Lincoln’s)

And so much more.

At the start of the story, they don’t know they are who they are but still, they are written down in history as people who changed the ways of life as we know it now. It makes me wonder what my ancestors did, or makes me want to strive to change something, not just so I have a legacy that my great great great whatever would find, but so I can be written down in history. I know, that may be a little Narcissistic but there you go.

Third, how similar some of those people are to their ancestors. Artists brings forth artists. Activists brings forth activists. You can see it as a pattern there, too.

In my family, my generation started the doctors line. But still, it makes you wonder, if given this chance, who else would’ve been a doctor here? Or I’d like to think myself as somewhat artistic. Who brought that in me? Is it genes?

Here I go again with my Psychological theories. But I think its the unconscious, my genes, our genes brought this about. We just branch out.

It makes you wonder, would my great great great great great whatever see this, or the things I did, or will do? Will they be delighted? Or just annoyed with me?

Maybe that’s going to be a way of how I make my decision making. Not how my ancestors would be proud of me. But how when my great great great whatever sees the things I’ve done, they would be happy or want to show it to everyone.

I forgot some of the thoughts I had before.

But this show really wants me to go and get on to researching the past of my ancestors. But I think it would be hard, seeing as I’m from the Philippines and researching here would be hard. After all, all the things they did in that show, they have the means of finding out. Maybe soon. If I have the time and the means.

Sorry about my jumbled thoughts.

Thank you for reading if you’ve reach this part of the blog.

Disclaimer: I don’t proof read what I write. Makes it raw, and I kinda like it. Also, I’m annoyed by my thoughts sometimes.


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