I was feeling a bit under the weather today. I fell asleep this afternoon at 430 and woke up at 700 pm and I realized I only logged 700 odd steps and ate tons all day (I opened a new jar of Nutella and a pack of laughing cow, I know. It's pm, I think) … Continue reading



So im kinda new to thing boxing thing, like 3/4 odd months since i started, and knowing this, my dad bought me gloves to use for this purpose since ive been borrowing from the gym and have now decided i like boxing and will continue this as a hobby So, background, i kind of do … Continue reading Boxing


Point 1.1.        So, my internet. Surfing subscription is about to finish later today so incase I wont be able to subscribe again im just going to say... Point 1.2.        Ha! No! I cant not subscribe, im enjoying wordpress too much! (and twitter and viber and youtube and tagged and skype) Point 2.           Anyway, I just … Continue reading Hell-o!