Rick Riordan

Is not my favorite writer. His books are good. But the style is not for me. But. Everytime i read the part where the great god Pan faded. I feel scared. Thats how strong his words can be. Like Pan also talks to me. And when he did really fade, i held up a sob and a tear

What i mean is he is a great writer. My problem maybe because the since he writes at a first person POV and he writes about children, you kind of think its not deep enough. But the thing i admire is that as you get though the books… the writing grows up too.

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I remember a time, not so long ago.
I was at the beach, it was paradise… I remember thinking how the view was amazing, but what would make it more amazing was when I’m with you while looking at it all. How i cant wait to tell you and to show you pictures.

Now there’s no you.


And then at this trip, i remembered you.
How I should’ve just focused on what was in front of me. That i don’t need you to appreciate the beauty of it all, not really.


What I have chosen to see is enough, its the most amazing thing I could ever see at that moment.

Two of the most awesome episodes in history

So, I’m currently watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 6, Episode 7: Give Peace a Chance

The one where Derek operated on an inoperable tumor… just… come on!! BADASS

I just finished watching the one where they killed a patient when April Kepner forgot to check her airway which they said its the most basic thing they teach in Med School… well its not… ITS ONE OF…

Just, I’m speechless… I can’t I just can’t say anything else… Sorry

Question about alcohol + drunk story

When I watch American series like, Grey’s Anatomy or New Girl or 2 Broke Girls or whatever they just drink brown drinks (you know Jack Daniels and the like) straight up without chasers… Is that normal?

Because here, or in my case there’s chasers like you know, juice or coke or whatever… I can never (except when I’m super drunk) drink brown drink straight up! except mixed… or beer… or wine… other types of alcohol (bourbon, vodka any other STRONG ONES) is just we call it here, “gumuguhit” like when you feel the alcohol traveling your GIT

That’s my question… is that normal??

PS story time!!

a few weeks ago, my friends and I got so drunk on a restobar near our school/dorms and I was talking animatedly with one of them and two of them was in the restroom without thinking I put isopropyl  alcohol

(not my pic)

yes, with moisturizer…

anyway, I put like 2 not drops, pours of alcohol on my friends drink until the friend I’m talking to stopped me and I realized what I’m doing and we told my friend who went to the restroom to not drink it… and because we were super drunk… one thing led to the other… we drank it all… the four of us… not thinking about consequences… not thinking if we could get alcohol poisoning.

If you are wondering tho… it does not taste good, and its so fragrant that the smell makes you want to vomit it up… but it smells good… good, but makes you want to vomit it all… (yeah, I smell it now… I remember. NO)

another answer in case your wondering, AGAIN. the hangover was the worst… I don’t know if it was the alcohol (absolut vodka and the other mixed drink that we ordered which I forgot the name of and beer to wash it up) or alcohol (isopropyl with MOISTURIZER mixed to the mixed drink) :/ it lasted more that 24 hours HAHA!

Anyway, just a funny story I’d thought I’d share

Writing Therapy

I decided to give give myself therapy by writing whatever I want (what I’ve been doing for almost 3 years anyway…) because its been 2 days that I woke up crying because of bad dreams… yeah I know, I’m a 23 year old woman and I don’t need the feels right now… but you know… I’m still human

I don’t actually know whats wrong, except you know… the crying in the morning part… that’s always not good…

I don’t know what to write… maybe lately I’ve been feeling kind of alone… (there it is…) I’ve had people tell time and again that they care… but when the time comes that I need them… they’re just never there! When I’m feeling particularly dark and no one replies… I just tell myself not to be there, but when they need me, I can’t help but be there with the awful awful voice asking myself why… but then again, I don’t want people to feel what I feel when I’m alone, I don’t know if this is just something I say to bring myself up to you as a great person, but this is really what I think I do. Therefore, I don’t think I deserve being alone… and I don’t know what to do to remedy this…

I think I feel a little bit better, although, I didn’t know I felt that bad actually… its like when Harry removed the necklace Horcrux from his neck…

Has this ever happened to you? Woke up crying for no good reason?

PS: how optimistic am I? I remember during my dream… I kept thinking things are gonna get better, although it just gets from bad to worst as the dream went on… whats (I don’t know if bad or good… lets go with good) good about it though is that I know that I’m dreaming, its kind of a trait for me… I usually can tell myself to wake up… but not yesterday or today…

anyway, if you read this… thanks :)

@kahyehm – twitter and instagram… also, COC haha not that you care

kriziacasil@gmail.com – email… obviously (please read in Snape’s voice)

*photo not mine…

The Garmin Fenix 2 Brings The Running Watch Into A Dystopian Future

I’ve always wanted one…


You’re in a desert, walking along in the sand, when all of a sudden you look down and see a tortoise. It’s crawling toward you… how do you train yourself to outrun it? I like to think you’d probably want a Fenix 2 from Garmin.

I’ve used Garmin running watches since their first, bulbous balls of GPS electronics were launched in the early 2000s. Now, after multiple generations and iterations, after the slimming down of most of the battery and a general improvement in GPS connectivity (plus a generous dollop of improved styling) we have reached the apex of the activity watch summit. The Fenix 2 is one of the coolest-looking sports watches you can get and, for once, it’s surprisingly accurate and very, very usable. And it looks like something the Borg would wear.

What does it do? Pretty much what you expect from a trail watch and a…

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