2016 in travels

Been travelling around Luzon (Philippines) a lot lately. these aren't the best shots but I'm planning on showing my better pictures on a separate post. Color Manila - Pasay, Metro Manila Pampanga (wedding prep) Pampanga again (first wedding in my College group!) Bulacan (post wedding) Pampanga again (my grandfather's death anniversary) Batangas Pampanga again! (grandmother's … Continue reading 2016 in travels

A little bit of contradiction

How nature and progress collide Photos when my cousin showed me around the village next to ours, i think there's parts that they're developing into a new village and the parts that are farms, reminding us that were still in the province, also i was gonna take a picture of the name of the village … Continue reading A little bit of contradiction

Hi there, its not much but…

I kinda did nothing today... Well, not nothing, i was watching new girl and reading the shining, yes, at the same time... Im a little ADHD so... Anyway, I'm writing this again coz like before, i pressed cancel and click discard, i don't know whats wrong with me seriously... Well, I'm getting out of focus … Continue reading Hi there, its not much but…

Taking the mountain bike around “The Village”

You know i was looking for an inspiration for the blog 🙂 I couldn't find things to write about so i decided I'm just going to take a picture of random things and stuff hehe First, i was alone and i spotted this suicidal chicken, i actually almost bumped into it then decided to take … Continue reading Taking the mountain bike around “The Village”

From my new ipad

Just trying it out! Hehe... Also thanks to my dad... For buying me this... Hes the coolest and most awesome dad ever! Hey! Can you follow me on instagram? @kahyehm thats also my twitter account @kahyehm ----- hey i didnt see that it failed... This was from last week! Haha!