All the wrong things i believed in as a kid


As a kid, i never believed that the earth houses people that are whatever the books describes as “bad”

I never believed in crab mentality
I never believed that promises can be broken
I never believed that people can tell you they love you and then break your heart
I never believed that someone can tell you they accept you, that theyre always there for you only to leave you the first chance things gets hard
I never thought that betrayal can happen outside my TV
I never believed that people can say theyll keep your secret and next thing you know everyone knows it

But as i grew older i learned that this could all happen, i learned it the hardway… im guessing that’s the only way we can learn,cause things like this? You dont believe it until its staring  at you, and spitting on your face… its hard but as i grow older i think i wont ever be the kind of person who gets used to it…

I still think its not all people, its just a few people who makes you disappointed with humanity… i still believe that overall its a beautiful life with good friends, good people

Theyll help you climb as high as you can go, and more
Theyll keep your promises
Theyll tell you they love you and they mean it every second
Theyll always be there for you no matter how hard it gets
Theyll never betray you
Theyll keep your secrets


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