the fact that i dont have a friend i could say these things that has been happening now is what makes me so mad about it, i dont have, i cant tell something fully how i feel, what happened just , i just cant get over it … i cant get over that i lost my trust to not one but almost all my friends, i cant say i when ill get over this, im trying im not a bad person, i dont want to live like this when everytime i remember what happened, i need to stop and try to breathe, im not saying im still where i am last semester, im just acknowledging that after what happened last night, im not okay yet, im trying to be, but im not, im far from it, when you realize that someone you tried to open up to was the wrong person, it hurts like hell…i was trying to think that i shouldnt dwell on that but,i just, i was not trusting to begin thats why it hurts more when these things happened, i just, i dont know, i cant even say and you probably dont understand me, i probably lost you at this point, but i just want to let this all out because as i have told you, i dont trust anyone enough for this…thanks


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