Silver Linings Playbook, thoughts, not review


The book is about Pat, who is recovering from depression due to a very nasty divorce with his wife Nikki.

Since I’m a psychology graduate and also, I’m not what you call bright and shiny i guess i understand Pat not completely but to some extent.

It talks about loosing control, how it feels like, the stigma of it and what people around you can do to battle it.

I think this book is good, i don’t know i just thru the lines and understand it, how you feel during those moments, you know when you’re about to loose control, and when you do or when you don’t, what you feel after. Im sorry i cant articulate this pretty well, I’m just saying i think Matthew Quick wrote the book in such a way that if you have felt even an ounce of depression, you would understand at some extent how Pat Peoples and even tiffany for that matter feels.

I think Cliff is right when he said its just fine that books that are sad or does not have a happy ending is put in the curriculum since we need to teach young people that life is hard… You just got to push thru it.

Actually, since someone has recommended this book to me, since she told me that i need books that are hard to read but has a good ending I’ve been putting of finishing it, I’ve read this before although have not finished it, maybe, i don’t know? I got scared of the ending? Or how pat or tiffany is acting reminds me too much of myself, also how the supporting characters acted, i was also reminded of the people around me, but when i finished it earlier, i was glad i did…

I mean, it was not what you call a resolved ending, there was some few gaps where someone like me, who is used to television series or book series to have resolved every tiny flame quenched book or show. But then at the end i still feel okay about it, it just goes to show that life is not perfect, maybe the happy ending is recovering from the problem and living thru some and then another problem comes, and the story starts again, so theres another happy ending

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