New girl on friends

Okay I’m too lazy to check what episode is this but I totally like it, its all about friendship. Two stories as always.
1. Its Cece’s birthday and Jess wants to eat cake all day and watch movies like they did all year. But Cece wants to go to a club and celebrate at first, Jess doesn’t want to but she told Jess that she wants to be with her and she never missed her birthday since they became friends so (Just like my friend Imee, 6 years its great :)) when she went to the club, since Jess is treated like crap by the model and Cece wasn’t spending time with her she lashed out and called Cece dumb and they fought, actually the boob fight was funny

2. The other story line is with Schmidt and Nick. How Schmidt bought Nick a cookie and it freaked nick out when he asked Schmidt why and he said he was thinking about him (i think I’m like that in some way) then Schmidt felt bad when Nick told him he never thinks about Schmidt, so he stopped talking to him and Winston is on his side because he also thinks Nick is not sensitive enough as a friend and when they tried to talk to him he just got mad.

So after that Nick talked about how they became friends with Cece and Schmidt and how so much had changed. The talk ended on a question that if they just met now, would they still become friends? And then that they should patch things up with Cece and Schmidt.

Nick Schmidt and Winston talked where its surprising that Nick cried and then Jess said sorry to Cece and tried to do her modeling job for the day and failed miserably.

Last scene was them eating cake, all of them and watching a movie.
Jess asked Cece the question about if they met now would they became friends and Cece said “I don’t know, but we are friends now”

I guess that got me because im at the point in my life that all if my friends and i have grown and most of us have changed and it makes me wonder if we would be friends if we met now, and like Cece I’ve come to the conclusion that i don’t really care, cause we are friends, we might have changed or we might have grown, but we are still there for each other, and when we get together, its always lovely, i love them 🙂 (KATHUGSZ – issai, she (who btw has a blog here to check her out she’s much more interesting than i am ;), thats a lie, haha jk, She, whats your blog) eden, hon, girl, jam, mina) (BITCHY FRIENDS – jeeyom, rochelle, alvin, jheck, imee, nica, tin, marshi, kit)

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