Back… For 3 lovely weeks :))


Hey I’m back if only for 3 weeks of my sembreak…

You know i get to pretend I’m not a med student which is kind of fun,

Anyway, this has got to be the most boring site you followed since i haven’t been posting for almost five, six months now?

Besides school I’ve also been in the bad place, i mean I’m still there but right now i think I’m better… Slowly crawling my way out, seeing the silver lining whatever you wanna call it…

I have a lot of things to write so you know, watch out… Some are gonna be lets call it “the bad place” thoughts and some are the “trying” thoughts, also books, and my health basically what you’ve always liked or not liked on this blog will be back :))

Just a heads up…
Anyway, that picture, thats just something i deleted earlier from my Facebook, but i felt it was wrong not to share it, i don’t know even if its pointless i find myself thinking someone could actually benefit from that, i don’t know

So, laters? Hope you read my posts and you get something good from it 🙂
@kahyehm on instagram and twitter
And on emalil thanks guys


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