Looks like a fine day to walk, or to think


This is my second draft, i deleted the first accidentally

I was gonna tell you about my semester in medschool but a phrase just keeps coming thru my mind the past few days its been a nagging thought it has become annoying actually.

Its that I’ve been too liberal with the word friend…

I don’t know how to explain this to you… I just regret the fact that i stopped writing here so you’ll understand…

Believe it or not I’m in a good mood now, something is just holding me back, a person to contact me… I don’t know how to say this, we had a falling out I thought i was wholly at fault but as days pass, and i ask people for advice or just talk to people, i find myself concluding that since I’ve heard and seen some things, like things from the third party, what people had seen, i think what i did, apologizing was enough… I don’t know how to explain I’m sorry but when my thoughts start to gather maybe ill write about it… 🙂

Im better now, i understand a lot of things i didn’t understand before, I’ve asked for help that i was too stubborn to ask before, and it feels good, here’s to hoping you’re good too… :))

Im gonna take a walk now… :))

Cheers 👌


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