Good Morning!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

what’s up?? just got back home from Cavite…

Cavite was fun, although I think summer is hotter there? or maybe that’s because my aunt’s house is not positioned for summer, hehe… anyway, had fun there, because exactly after the hot hours of the day we go out of the house and play, badminton or volleyball, or ride the bike which is fun and is something i cannot do here in Manila… Also, I figured if I stay there a little more, I wont need to jog morning after morning because Im already exercising everyday by sunset. And while its scorching hot (im talking hot hot hot, like its so hot when I put my slippers on when I want to go outside and buy something I feel like my feet are burning!) outside we play sims or watch a movie… or whatever…

Anyway, ill be reading posts after I write this :))

Then after that, I’ll play laser tag with my friends from highschool!

So how was your week?

Have a great day!

xo – km!


2 thoughts on “Good Morning!

    • kahyehm says:

      me too… cant play much though, got injured when i was younger when i try to play for a long time or hit hard the back (part of of the scapula part) aches ~_~


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