Allegiant review, with spoilers

(the book cover is beautiful, I've seen many in the internet they're all beautiful but since this is what I've been seeing i thought this maybe the official one but my favorite one was the one with the circle and arrows in the middle, the phrase at the upper part, one choice will define you … Continue reading Allegiant review, with spoilers

Photos i took from action snap (2011)

 these are mostly light pictures i take for wallpapers.. :)my computer fan :)the bedroom ceiling of my friend's house (Olongapo)im not sure what this is .. haha!my grandparent's house light...our tvtv again... (isnt that nice? i said mostly lights.. haha)shampoo commercial (now i look like a fraud)our living room ceiling :)yep, that again my netbook ❤ bedroom … Continue reading Photos i took from action snap (2011)