Photos again :)

this is what i forgot to put in the other post…


candle light… when there was a power interruption during our vacation in Olongapo (good way to save battery <you’re a smart fellow aren’t you KM?>)

this is from holga ❤


Quiapo church manila… there’s a corresponding photo of that person, she took a pic of me and my friend too, we both have holgas (obviously, what is wrong with you KM???)

here it is:


fish eye

this is gross but….

look at the vermin!


what do you know, it likes rice

sorry for the last pic you guys :p




this is my towel.. lol… it looked like a priest, it gives us the creeps (wow, that rhymes…) so, the person that i am, i took the pic…

another photo of the towel friar 🙂


ah, at this point i got tired.. hahah :p

so here it is 🙂

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thanks if you reached this portion ❤


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