2016 in travels

Been travelling around Luzon (Philippines) a lot lately. these aren't the best shots but I'm planning on showing my better pictures on a separate post. Color Manila - Pasay, Metro Manila Pampanga (wedding prep) Pampanga again (first wedding in my College group!) Bulacan (post wedding) Pampanga again (my grandfather's death anniversary) Batangas Pampanga again! (grandmother's … Continue reading 2016 in travels


A little bit of contradiction

How nature and progress collide Photos when my cousin showed me around the village next to ours, i think there's parts that they're developing into a new village and the parts that are farms, reminding us that were still in the province, also i was gonna take a picture of the name of the village … Continue reading A little bit of contradiction

After posting my last blog I passed out :)

too much tiredness can make you do that a lot :p so, here are the next pics, these are from baguio... over and out! -km (kriziacasil@gmail.com) that's my mom and I on the silver surfer 🙂 so, obviously, I'm not the one who took that ahahaha! ummm about the last 2 shots, im not sure … Continue reading After posting my last blog I passed out 🙂

Part 1 of Lorenzo Miguel D. Fontanilla’s photos :)

hey! I write to you right now in a very sleepy mood of someone packing :)to tell you that I'm going to Pangasinan (for the holy week reunion) so I'm probably not going to get a chance to post until Sunday... (not sure if they have internet connection there)photo from: http://www.philsite.net/pangasinan.htmBut! I wont leave you without … Continue reading Part 1 of Lorenzo Miguel D. Fontanilla’s photos 🙂

Part 1 of Ken Caliwanagan’s shots

Album Name: K-town, AKKetchikan, Alaskatesting Lightroom 4Wrapped in iceDon't let the grand sun shining up high fool you. You are still in Alaska and it is still winter season. BrrrrrrrWhile walking around at Creek Street I noticed this interesting poster in one of the storesDowntown Ketchikan just outside of Good Fortune Asian restaurant.Downtown Docksbest viewed … Continue reading Part 1 of Ken Caliwanagan’s shots

Part 1 of Jam Ocampo’s photos AKA ’cause baby you’re a firework :)

so, when I asked Jam if i could put her photos in my blog, she got really really sad, why?her SD broke, so, there's really no photos to show except these ones im going to show you...anyway, Jam is this person...who also creeped me out while searching for her photosYeah, she's beautiful totally awesome, she … Continue reading Part 1 of Jam Ocampo’s photos AKA ’cause baby you’re a firework 🙂