gadget SURVEY (please answer?)

so... since im really good at computers (NOT!) i cant figure out how to make a survey tool here on wordpress... so anyway, i need to ask you guys something, my regarding what i wrote earlier... about my dad buying me a tablet and my brother a new phone... so the choices are...Sony Xperia Tablet ZandIPAD … Continue reading gadget SURVEY (please answer?)

Need Help :)

so.. im planning on buying an ereader... my choices are (photos are not mine)Amazon Kindle Touch (Wifi)(ive always wanted this one, but now im not sure)Nook Ereader from Barnes & Noble(just came across this one will shopping online...)Sony's eReader WiFi PRS-T1.(because it will complete my circle of gadgets (well not circle.. more than a quarter circle only my phone, … Continue reading Need Help 🙂