2016 in travels

Been travelling around Luzon (Philippines) a lot lately. these aren't the best shots but I'm planning on showing my better pictures on a separate post. Color Manila - Pasay, Metro Manila Pampanga (wedding prep) Pampanga again (first wedding in my College group!) Bulacan (post wedding) Pampanga again (my grandfather's death anniversary) Batangas Pampanga again! (grandmother's … Continue reading 2016 in travels


North Luzon Trip (for real)

So, it all started when my mom and I were out one monday afternoon looking for a new foam for my bed. then, my aunt texted us that we should get home immediately and we were like but then she told us that we need to talk about the upcoming (as in happening on Thursday) … Continue reading North Luzon Trip (for real)

Part 1 of Cezlyn Coronado’s shots

hi, sorry not been posting about what i promised to post before, can i compensate with these awesome photos im gonna show you (posts like before tomorrow :))Photos by: Cezlyn Coronado (a friend of mine, we both own a holga, although i dont own the talent that she has for taking pictures)  taken using holga using … Continue reading Part 1 of Cezlyn Coronado’s shots