you get what you need

So, next week, ill be enrolling into Med School... not to my choice of school though... BUT EH... you cant always get what you want... right now Im just so thankful I get to realize my dream... and that my family's so supportive.. 🙂 THANKS 🙂 So anyway, this is an awkward post after that not so happy rant I made the other day... SORRY I was having a bad day... realized I didnt get accepted into my choice of med school... but I got over it pretty quickly because of some family and friends... plus i realized... it will be easier for me, going to school, I mean... there's less traffic 🙂 so I have more time to study or rest... and its not too far away from my Navotas home 🙂 PLUS the "pointless" (not those with sense okay?) protesters just pisses me off! SO MUCH... + PMS (nuff said) BUT UM... right now I'm really fine... watched... guess which movie this oath came from: Bright as day, black as night, let no evil escape my sight... those who worship evil's might... beware my power ______'s LIGHT! that's all folks!

Currently watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

straight to the points 🙂 point1. so, tumblr has some user agreement  they wanted all of us to say yes too, as you may have guessed, i checked i agree, but it looks a bit scary copyright stuff :p so... i just decided not to post anything on tumblr until i read that... (yeah...) so, … Continue reading Currently watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone