WANTED: poems to turn into Calligraphy

Actually, not just poems, anything I can write so I could practice. Normally, I write my own compositions but my mind is really blank at the moment. So can you poets and literary types help me? for reference... see mine and my friend's instagram page: @wetinkonpaper I mostly do gothic/midieval type fonts and my friend … Continue reading WANTED: poems to turn into Calligraphy

Allegiant review, with spoilers

(the book cover is beautiful, I've seen many in the internet they're all beautiful but since this is what I've been seeing i thought this maybe the official one but my favorite one was the one with the circle and arrows in the middle, the phrase at the upper part, one choice will define you … Continue reading Allegiant review, with spoilers

BBM for Android and iOS

(Photos not mine, thank you google and people who own this) So, I've been hearing a lot about how theres gonna be an app for BBM for iOS and Android soon. Ive even seen news about how theres already fake apps circling the Android/google play market... What do i think about that? I think thats … Continue reading BBM for Android and iOS

From my new ipad

Just trying it out! Hehe... Also thanks to my dad... For buying me this... Hes the coolest and most awesome dad ever! Hey! Can you follow me on instagram? @kahyehm thats also my twitter account @kahyehm ----- hey i didnt see that it failed... This was from last week! Haha!