Allegiant review, with spoilers

(the book cover is beautiful, I've seen many in the internet they're all beautiful but since this is what I've been seeing i thought this maybe the official one but my favorite one was the one with the circle and arrows in the middle, the phrase at the upper part, one choice will define you … Continue reading Allegiant review, with spoilers


Point 1.1.        So, my internet. Surfing subscription is about to finish later today so incase I wont be able to subscribe again im just going to say... Point 1.2.        Ha! No! I cant not subscribe, im enjoying wordpress too much! (and twitter and viber and youtube and tagged and skype) Point 2.           Anyway, I just … Continue reading Hell-o!

Pt. 2 adventures of sherlock holmes review

The time has come : I just finished re-reading and re-reading again the final problem (i was daydreaming in between pharagraphs thus the re-reading again: There was speculations that dr. Watson and holmes has intimate releationship, which in this story, I hag no choice but contemplate... Because who else would you want to spend your … Continue reading Pt. 2 adventures of sherlock holmes review