By: Lorenzo Miguel Fontanilla He borrowed a shot and edit i made for him to practice his sketching Hubad 3 by Camaraderie International and Maricris Fabi Models: Eunice Soberano and Aljur Montrnegro Stylist and Designer: Jason Tanjuako and Boyet Villaruel Time lapse The sketch Instagram: @kmcasilphotography

First Photoshoot by Team DC Manila

All were shot by me (KM Casil) Edits: KM Casil, W. Davidoff, N. Casil All were designed and styled by Don Cristobal Organizer: TeamDC Manila Model: Cindy de Vera HMUA: Dane Tamayo Model: Emi Ventura HMUA: Tim Ng Model: Ma. Rachel Hernandez HMUA: Rosalie Ladia Model: Natasha Nicolas HMUA: Anne Marie Bulaon Model: Stephanie Archival … Continue reading First Photoshoot by Team DC Manila

WANTED: poems to turn into Calligraphy

Actually, not just poems, anything I can write so I could practice. Normally, I write my own compositions but my mind is really blank at the moment. So can you poets and literary types help me? for reference... see mine and my friend's instagram page: @wetinkonpaper I mostly do gothic/midieval type fonts and my friend … Continue reading WANTED: poems to turn into Calligraphy

One of those days where…

Im irritated with everything... I mean... so I got up early and already, received the worst news ever... aunt and i went out for dinner i rode the bus and the freakin' "protesters" just vandalized the road island with things they dont like about the government... WHY DONT YOU FREAKIN START WITH YOURSELVES AND … Continue reading One of those days where…