Go home Jung, you’re drunk

I don't know if i already wrote on this blog about how I'm taking the Psychometrician boards in the Philippines, anyway, I am. I just have to stop my readings and talk about what a *#(@ sexist some of these theories are. I stopped seething in particular in Jung's analytical theory about his archetypes "anima" … Continue reading Go home Jung, you’re drunk



the past few weeks have been incredibly hard for me... i don't know if i should really narrate it here, maybe i wont. I just want to write down everything I'm thinking about rn, which is really nothing but "semicolon", yes the punctuation. i keep thinking that after i fix the things that are happening … Continue reading Semicolon

Some stuff you realize at 2:36 AM on a Saturday (post TGIF)

i just realized that the "whatever" that was holding my heart for a long time is gone now. in fact I'm finding it hard to remember how that felt. like all my posts lately (which i wouldnt call lately actually) im going to post this as is, the way i thought about while writing it, … Continue reading Some stuff you realize at 2:36 AM on a Saturday (post TGIF)

I was feeling a bit under the weather today. I fell asleep this afternoon at 430 and woke up at 700 pm and I realized I only logged 700 odd steps and ate tons all day (I opened a new jar of Nutella and a pack of laughing cow, I know. It's pm, I think) … Continue reading

Question about alcohol + drunk story

When I watch American series like, Grey's Anatomy or New Girl or 2 Broke Girls or whatever they just drink brown drinks (you know Jack Daniels and the like) straight up without chasers... Is that normal? Because here, or in my case there's chasers like you know, juice or coke or whatever... I can never … Continue reading Question about alcohol + drunk story