4 hrs before my plating exams

i dont know what this is, if you wanna make a meaning out of this, this a raw post of what im thinking about right now, 4 hrs before a plating that i studied for but not as hard as i can... it started 2 days ago, the Baccalaureate Mass for the graduating class of … Continue reading 4 hrs before my plating exams


I was feeling a bit under the weather today. I fell asleep this afternoon at 430 and woke up at 700 pm and I realized I only logged 700 odd steps and ate tons all day (I opened a new jar of Nutella and a pack of laughing cow, I know. It's pm, I think) … Continue reading

Question about alcohol + drunk story

When I watch American series like, Grey's Anatomy or New Girl or 2 Broke Girls or whatever they just drink brown drinks (you know Jack Daniels and the like) straight up without chasers... Is that normal? Because here, or in my case there's chasers like you know, juice or coke or whatever... I can never … Continue reading Question about alcohol + drunk story

I don’t want to die but I’m not keen on living either.

being someone who just got out of depression, i totally get it… but what I never got was the desire to take ones life, it has nothing to do with being Catholic like most people think, but I think I just have so much respect for life and a little about how I’m a medical student and a psychology graduate, you know how I kind of have an idea how great the mind and the body is, who it on its own is a form of miracle, and though I might feel sad, or before DEPRESSED, I thought about it, yes, but I never stayed there you know, thinking I’d kill myself, it was always just in passing… the answer was always a big NO even before i thought of asking it…

Nonetheless, depression is a very real thing, not everyone is like me… so if you think anyone is undergoing depression, you must do what you can to help πŸ™‚

Ramblings of a girl

I remember being young and naive and not having an understanding of why anyone would ever want to take their own life. I remember when my father took his own life I would lie in bed at night wondering how someone could reach the point of throwing the towel in with life. I would wonder what the very last thing he thought about was. Did he think about me and my siblings and my mother? This kept me awake at night for months on end. It wasn’t until I reached a certain point with depression that I understood truly what it feels like. Too often people say that suicide is selfish but if you ask anyone who survived a suicide attempt, myself included, regardless of the wonderful things I had in my life. Regardless of the loving family that surrounded me and the supportive friends I had, none of that…

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