Cellphone Photography, yes or no?

I’m a photography hobbyist (@kahyehm) who’s also a 4th year med student. Since I cant carry a big camera with me wherever I go (things might get lost and ITS HEAVY, i dont have a car) I use my phone for everyday photos. (Follow @kmcasilphotography <you know, if you want to>) A question just pops … Continue reading Cellphone Photography, yes or no?


WANTED: poems to turn into Calligraphy

Actually, not just poems, anything I can write so I could practice. Normally, I write my own compositions but my mind is really blank at the moment. So can you poets and literary types help me? for reference... see mine and my friend's instagram page: @wetinkonpaper I mostly do gothic/midieval type fonts and my friend … Continue reading WANTED: poems to turn into Calligraphy