Night Duty Musings: dating a person you think is not interested anymore.

Here I am, sitting at the doctor’s table for my last duty this month, its 4:07 AM, PST

This is basically my view

Anyway, i came across a post in reddit, a question that i normally see and any social platform and thought to write about it

Something about if the girl/guy (i actually forgot, its 4 AM, forgive me) doesnt want to be with you anymore, would you still try to pursue the relationship. if im not mistaken this was written by 20 odd year old person.

Here’s what i think:

Im in my early late 20s ( what? I’m 26. Lol)

I’ve come to a point in my life that anyone: who I’m dating, my friends, whomever doesnt have the same end goal as me… i wont push it.

Its one part self preservation, one part i stop tolerating sh*t that waste my time.

If youre looking for a long term thing and he’s not… why stay, right? If you’re not and he’s not… then by all means, continue dating. Its all about what you want or need at that moment.

You know what I’m saying? Its not because youve become “a shark” or whatever negative connotations that may seem. I just think we should all stop wasting our time on things that we think would hurt our chances of being better in the future. I know its hard, BELIEVE ME. But its not selfish to look after yourself and do what makes you happy.


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