Cellphone Photography, yes or no?

I’m a photography hobbyist (@kahyehm) who’s also a 4th year med student.

Since I cant carry a big camera with me wherever I go (things might get lost and ITS HEAVY, i dont have a car)

I use my phone for everyday photos. (Follow @kmcasilphotography <you know, if you want to>)

A question just pops into my head sometimes

Because every topic has that one person

(Hmmm. Is that person me???)

One person thinks the a slightly different form of an art cannot be categorized as such.

So do you think its an art that equals digital and even analog photography?


7 thoughts on “Cellphone Photography, yes or no?

  1. monochromejunkie says:

    Hello fellow student! (Working on my Master’s in Addiction Counseling in my neck of the woods.) Here’s my take on that argument: When all the world is using their cell phone for photography, stand out by using an actual DSLR or film. But on the other side of that coin, when cell phone cameras are just as good as DSLRs, then why not use them, right? I do think some of the art of composition is lost when using cell phones though. The focal point is clear all right, but many of the cell phone pics I’ve seen by people lack artistry, again, particularly in the area of composition and depth. Great seeing you. 😉


      • monochromejunkie says:

        You have a point. 😉 I think we, as artists, should be happy to put our art out there and share it with the world in any format that we think is best, and that we like the best. Some people use cameras, others use burnt toast. 😉 But whatever makes the artist happy. Well said, Kah!

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