the past few weeks have been incredibly hard for me…

i don’t know if i should really narrate it here, maybe i wont. I just want to write down everything I’m thinking about rn, which is really nothing but “semicolon”, yes the punctuation.

i keep thinking that after i fix the things that are happening now in my life, i would probably get a tattoo of that. I’ve been thinking of getting that for about 2 years now and I just figured, after this… its time.

Most of you probably know the meaning of getting a semi colon tattoo.

that whatever happens, its not yet the end of your story

2-3 years ago some really hard things happened to me and the main thing i took out of it is not that everything happens for a reason but everything in life doesn’t last, especially the hard times

im finding it hard to finish this blog, i dont have a single wise quote or whatever to put but maybe the best way to do it is to just dont



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