Some stuff you realize at 2:36 AM on a Saturday (post TGIF)

i just realized that the “whatever” that was holding my heart for a long time is gone now. in fact I’m finding it hard to remember how that felt.

like all my posts lately (which i wouldnt call lately actually) im going to post this as is, the way i thought about while writing it, you know just letting the thoughts flow.

i realized that (the statement on the first paragraph) while watching the fifth movie on my alone time movie night… “that thing called tadhana” i forgot my train of thought as to why i came to that conclusion…i just sat on my bed staring at my laptop, not really watching the movie anymore and im trying to remember when i open up to one or two of my friends about this is that its not particularly painful, i just feel my heart constantly… AND NOW, I dont.

i cant remember how i stopped feeling that, i cant say i miss it though, im happy about it that even though life is not perfect right now especially what happened and what i felt last week, im in a better place.


for that, i thank God, family, friends and myself.


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