So im kinda new to thing boxing thing, like 3/4 odd months since i started, and knowing this, my dad bought me gloves to use for this purpose since ive been borrowing from the gym and have now decided i like boxing and will continue this as a hobby
So, background, i kind of do this kickboxing thing i dont really know what its called, sometimes the trainer’s the one im punching kicking or whatever sometimes the bag… Hahhaha
He bought me two kinds of gloves, both from century, i dont even know if thats a good brand, so can you guys tell me whats the difference between these and pros and cons? So id know what to use regularly…

This one, are bag gloves



Feels kind of those this that the doctor put in your hands if you broke bones or something

This one are bag gloves too, but with different padding, so im not sure, one of the gloves im borrowing from the gym, looks like this…



Last question, do i still need hand wraps for these? Cause i got those too
From everlast

I mean i have my own before this but my trainer doesnt like it, he says that ones too short, i havent showed him this one yet


Thanks for the input
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3 thoughts on “Boxing

  1. 03alwi says:

    Hi there. In order to avoid injury you need the proper size and kind of gloves. I wouldn’t use the first one cause it has no wrist support and looks a bit oversize. The second one is a much better pair they are tight around your wrist (which you could injure if not well strapped) and are well padded. You do not have to wrap your hands unless you were using MMA gloves and sparring. But for the purpose of punching bags and mats you should be fine.


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