About now

So hey, as im procrastinating (i should be studying prelim exams is on monday but hey… im allowed a few hours chill time right?) Im writing what im thinking about, raw… haha i was supposed to do a video thing but i guess im just too shy for that right now…

So hey, have you ever wondered if theres really a meaning to things like when something happens, does it just really hapoen yo uou, how it just affects a proximal area around you or like what the philosophers say, what you do affects the whole universe? I dont know, cause if you put it that way everything you do is epic… they way youre reading mh blog now is epic, in what way though? Will it make you ponder? And when youve made a conclusion will you act on it though? And when you do… will it make a difference? Is it going to be epic?

Like if you think what you do affects the universe,are you still gonna do it? Will you change some things? If so, will you change for the “good” or the “bad”. I placed quotations on there because if it really affects the universe how do we know if what a little particle on a small part of the universe thats called human on earth’s notion of good is what really is good and vice versa? What do we do? If i say we’ll just have to do our best how do we know what we think is best our best?

Haha im sorry im just confusing you!!


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