Allegiant review, with spoilers

(the book cover is beautiful, I’ve seen many in the internet they’re all beautiful but since this is what I’ve been seeing i thought this maybe the official one but my favorite one was the one with the circle and arrows in the middle, the phrase at the upper part, one choice will define you , i think thats perfect, although in real life you’ll think that choice defines you until you make another one

So, since allegiant has been released officially yesterday, here are my thoughts about it…

this basically has my notes i uploaded the other day with additional and probably, PROBABLY more articulate thoughts
My notes basically started towards the end os if don’t remember parts from the first half of the story, sorry

It contains spoilers so… If you don’t want spoilers STOP RIGHT HERE

Okay, my first thoughts about the allegiant is that I’m annoyed with Tobias, i don’t know i get how Tris feels that he doesn’t trust her and although shed done things like what shed done, Tris has a better way of putting it.

I just died a little when i realized George Wu is not really dead, and they realized it mere hours after Tori died, thats just sad 😦

Wow, i mean the story line is a bit confusing like theres so much deceit and lies in the novel and the deceit and lies also came from the way back 7-8 generations so the people telling lies right now have also been deceived and the lies they tell, they believe it too… I think if veronica roth made a mistake in the book ill just realize it by the third time i read it, this book has just so much secret to untangle i think my mind is gonna blow, at least thats what i felt while reading it

The bureau (i realized i cant spell bureau, i even cant spell it close to get replacements for correction, haha) i mean, its a great place, i think but nothing too special… David i thought, the password of the Weapons Room would be Natalie cause he was saying stuff when he was delusional to Tris, anyway, that didn’t happen so, thats great because i usually get right hunches.

The fringe, its like a fucked up version of Tondo, Manila haha, thats what i thought of it, although 10x more scary. I guess it all represents something somewhere in each reader, the bureau and the fringe thats why i think this book made such a big impact on me.

I like how tris is not your ordinary hero, like katniss but in a more brave way
Yeah, Tris can be just i guess not selfish, just self preserving.

If I might add Uriah dying, it just breaks your heart but i love how Veronica Roth incorporated his dying like when she kills off a character you see its very purpose, theres a big impact on how the character died, the effects and what will happen after, same is true with hunger games and harry potter so thats why i love it

Its a big hunger games okay, I’m nervous about this comment, because, so many people are a fan of hunger games and maybe they don’t want it to be compared to that, but really, i love hunger games, and my readers you know i have a tattoo of it πŸ™‚ anyway, i think it is the difference is that in divergent they call it “experiment” which is totally mot better but hey there are screens everywhere and people know Tris, feels like shes a celebrity just like Katniss, but without the tour and costumes, shes just Tris

What about the government?
Yeah, that was answered toward the end of the book although it kind of put me off, because thats just a soft kind of answer, i mean how can the government just let them live right? If they felt strongly about some GD a whole free state of it will worry them silly, i think. Maybe if Veronica Roth made a line about how they’re also observing them, i would feel better

The government made a childish way of solving the problem by using the memory serum
, as i think the government most of the time does, even now

Finished reading, wow tris dying is such a big blow i feel numb yeah that sums up my initial reaction

Every word i wish shed just resurrect but how can that work right? Even if its just her ghost when tobias was zip lining

I love how evelyn didn’t even drink the memory serum, she just changed, that just goes to show how love can change everything. Beautiful to choose love over power

Peter, i think did the right thing on drinking the memory serum, he got better at least

I though Christina at tobias will get together at the end, i don’t like it so i was glad that didn’t happen

While rereading tris’ last chapter

She heard footsteps, thats how close she is to not dying, but she had flirted with death so many time, death was bound to win sometime, but she let him win in his own terms

Overall, i think the Allegiant is a great book, my ten being harry potter, i rate it 8.8 out of ten

Im just waiting for the posts of the fan with the future things that could happen in allegiant, that just helps me cope with the ending of the book like in hp and hunger games

Things to look forward to in my blog today or in the next few days

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