A little bit of contradiction

How nature and progress collide

Photos when my cousin showed me around the village next to ours, i think there’s parts that they’re developing into a new village and the parts that are farms, reminding us that were still in the province, also i was gonna take a picture of the name of the village but i enjoyed the downward slope of the brisge where it was so i forgot sorry, haha ill just name it

Treelane 2, Bayan luma, Imus, Cavite, Philippines







So this is interesting…
My only question is why?


The weird chicken it was running away from me, the “paparazzi”

Yeah thats a repetition i just like to tell you what happened there, oh look a cat!

Now this two pics, its priceless, i was telling my cousin that id like to take a picture of the cow with the view of the plant in the side… Then it just turned around like “kiss my ass”


So i figured, that i should adjust :p and move into the side


Thats it, thanks for checking

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