BBM for Android and iOS


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So, I’ve been hearing a lot about how theres gonna be an app for BBM for iOS and Android soon. Ive even seen news about how theres already fake apps circling the Android/google play market… What do i think about that? I think thats another way to just kill Blackberry thoroughly, don’t you think? I mean, i thought blackberry was trying since it released new awesome phones not much earlier?

Speaking as a Blackberry (former, since i broke my phone and i don’t have money for a new one, I’m using Alcatel one touch , an old model, right now) i know there are ups and downs in this brand, like theres limited apps that you can use, hopeless games but when you’re looking at it in the productivity side, its really the best, or better than others, especially the email app… Or okay the whole messages app… It really awesome… And the BBM had kind of an exclusive feel about it… I mean, here in the PH, where people mostly has prepaid phones as well as postpaid ones, its kind of a nerdy thrill to know that theres a different menu or settings or promo for blackberry. And also, its kind of cheaper to just have internet and bbm… I think you save at least 300 pesos compared to when you avail unlimited internet for one month thats about $7-8 plus if you’re not much into texting you can save by not registering to text or call service, theres bb voice, chat and you have free use of the internet so theres facebook, and other chat apps you can use.

So why? Why would you do that Blackberry? Thats just the final nail in the coffin for you, gosh, i hope theres some marketing genius strategy behind it because i d still love to buy the z10 or q10 when i get the chance and make it still feel like blackberry. I mean, you’re just making your consumers furious. I personally don’t like it, and people i asked about this don’t like it either

What do you think?

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