Hi there, its not much but…



I kinda did nothing today… Well, not nothing, i was watching new girl and reading the shining, yes, at the same time… Im a little ADHD so…

Anyway, I’m writing this again coz like before, i pressed cancel and click discard, i don’t know whats wrong with me seriously…

Well, I’m getting out of focus again…

I was thinking while watching new girl how I’m really like of all them in some way, little bits and pieces that are like me, while watching, i mean, aren’t we all? Isn’t it essential to relate to a character so you could continue watching it? Or like how you want to be that person, or how that used to be you, or you remind someone of that character? Anyway,

Like with…

nick, i think I’m like him mostly cause, at season 1 he’s in a bad place and he kept plunging back you know? But you know he’s finding ways to get better…

Jess, I’m weird, need i say more?

Cece, finding that she likes someone she never expected to, and loving it… In season 1

Wilson, how he’s trying to get better, he was in a bad place but he’s slowly crawling out… You know he is…

Schmidt, okay i know he’s a douche, he keeps saying things that are offensive, but i think he’s the best, he cares in his own way for his friends, and he helps a lot…

Yeah, thats what i think…

In the shining, have i already told you i read that before? And it scared the shit out of me? Yes, i think i have… But now as I’m reading it, again, I’m not scared i think I’m looking into it more as a Psych graduate right? How jack is like this, or like that, if only wendy did this or that… But i still think stephen king wrote the book beautifully (hey, cool trivia you know when i type beautiful, i always do this thing where i sound of in my head be-a-ee-ut-iful so i can spell that right? Otherwisei just misspell it… Yeah i know… Im weird) i couldn’t think of a better start end sequence, its just beautiful (there i go again)

Yeah, i hope you don’t find me too weird to not follow me on instagram and/or (I’m hoping you’d go for and) twitter —- @kahyehm
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