Taking the mountain bike around “The Village”


You know i was looking for an inspiration for the blog 🙂
I couldn’t find things to write about so i decided I’m just going to take a picture of random things and stuff hehe


First, i was alone and i spotted this suicidal chicken, i actually almost bumped into it then decided to take a picture when it was out of the road, would have been funnier in the middle but what can do right? 🙂

Then my cousin, which to be honest I’m trying to avoid caught up with me, i really think he has adhd atm, trying to borrow my ipad and all following me around all day haha

So, i decided to bring him to the park, people watching you know… I sat down and removed my slippers and just sat there, creepily staring at people haha :)) okay maybe not creepily


This is the scenery


And you thought basketball is done with only ten people and one ball on a court, well, you know what they say “its more fun in the Philippines”

Then, this dog

Just decided that in front of me was the best place to go potty, its so cute but seriously… I don’t
know if i find this funny or insulting haha

Then, i decided to go home and as we were riding our bike i saw this cat and just couldn’t resist taking a picture


Well that couldn’t be lucky :p


Last pictures…

Moon and the stars, actually i don’t think you could see the stars, i didn’t think my ipad got that





So thanks snapseed app, used it to edit the pics

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It was a fun walk/ride


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