Thats what i feel right now.
I think, there are days in the week where i feel really overwhelmed by the dilemmas i have that I’ve been trying not to think about these past few days and there are just moments when i feel they’re all crushing down on me… Not that they’re still there but i just feel like the way i felt the moment it was happening…

The feeling of seeing him with someone and the feeling of being left behind…

The feeling that you couldn’t do anything about certain things

It just makes you want to scream… Or really, not move at all… I didn’t even do the morning walk i was yapping about earlier, I’ve been awake for two hours now actually… But as i was standing up to prepare to go out, it just hit me, and I’ve been lying in my bed since…

Have you also felt the same way? I hope you don’t coz its really not something you wish anyone, even your enemies would feel

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