I just saw something

While i was browsing along my past posts since i told you i couldn’t move right now, its a psychological thing, i think… (Seriously, i wanna pee but i cant move, seriously, actually maybe after i write this) where was i, i was browsing yes, then i saw on one of my past post that i wrote something about a friend, actually an old friend now i think, and it just left me more paralyzed than i was 2 mins ago… Its just sad, i didn’t think we could fall apart this way, but come to think of it, its better now than later since I’ve been hurting her, and also, ill be fair to myself, I’ve been hurt too… Ive been turning it over my mind before, that I’m wrong but people tell me otherwise… I don’t know… Theres just some things you miss about a friendship, but like in a relationship between lovers when you think about it, you cant see how it will come back the way it was before… The other person changed, you think now that you did too… And those changes will not click when you try… Thats what i think about it…


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