Missed you

Hey you guys!

I’ve missed you! Ive been really busy with my school stuff/shit… Man being a second year medical student is hard… I mean, im not yet on the prime of my efforts but 6-12 hours of class everyday and studying after that is hard! Not that im ranting but hey… I am… Haha! I havent been home since the start of the class… I mean, its not all hard, its fun to learn simple things like getting the blood pressure and examining people, but I miss my own real bed not the cushion im sleeping at now!

Haha anyway, aside from that im going to the gym twice a week, you know tone that shit… So its not all bad…
But i havent seen a movie in a month, i know, no world war z, despicable me and the likes

Yes sorry im ranting too much… Yes, its mixed emotions!

Haha… Ok too much time here… See you!

Contact me?
@kahyehm for both instagram and twitter just tell me youre from wordpress and ill def follow you back

Love and misses!


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