just realized ive been eating more than i should… ive become like 8kgs heavier since ummm… like feb? so ive decided im gonna double my workout and make a few changes in my lifestyle…

meaning ill go out more now, since ive been a bit of an introvert and i always decline on my friends invitation to go out…

and maybe ill stick to the small frequent meals a days instead of big frequent meals (yes, i have an appetite of a construction worker (an expression here in the Philippines) (maybe that will sound more convincing if im not eating a cream filled cracker and soda right now, but this will be like my last ummm… stupid i think meal, if you could call it a meal)

and more workout of course… since ive been living like a couch potato for the last two weeks… and i could actually feel my body getting heavier, do you know that feeling?

and I need to focus so… I’m made a decision last night that I was pondering on the whole summer and knowing my weight though i know how much shallow that sounds had caused me to made a decision… hehe! wish me luck 😉


2 thoughts on “so…

  1. Liz says:

    luck! totally know that feeling of sitting on the couch eating something you shouldn’t and KNOWING those calories are turning into pounds 😦 The workouts are a great idea. Though not from the Philippines, I have a hearty appetite myself. And exercise definitely allows you to eat more.

    Am enjoying your “happy rants” (great title!) and want to thank you for visiting food for fun’s muffins-and-amazing-ice cream post. Great to meet you.


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