Maybe, its just one of those nights

Where i want to post something and stare at this thing thinking i want to write something nice, you know, something that means something…


but you know how it always ends up, ive been here a year and youre probably familiar with it already 😀

haha… so what should  i right now,


i have this friend of mine, we always text and i mean, the boys were together with or even our other friends get jealous i mean, 24/7 BBMs…

tonight we did a practical jokes we were talking about her status on bbm its a peace smiley face and i asked what that means and she said, she just doesnt know what to status…

and then i said

you should have posted

“i love you krizia”

lol and she did

and i posted

“i love you too raiza”

lol… gay moment with friends are the best…

which brings me to the question i wanted to ask you guys,

why are most guys into bisexual women?

we girls are not into bisexual men?!

why? why?! WHY!?

tell me!


-and you just finished reading another waste of bandwith (its that what its even called?) post from @kahyehm (please, please follow me on twitter)

good night!


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