What am I doing here?

Really guys, I dont know…

you know?

i know im not a good writer

i always end up ranting on my posts…

and you guys still read them, i dont understand…

but its nice, thank you!

im sorry i havent been able to post since june and probably find less time posting next june you know 9 subjects, 12 hour classes and another 12 hours studying and i hear a 3 subject collaborated research GOSH!

what did meredith grey say on the first episode of Grey’s anatomy?? hmmm… 

i wish i wanted to be a chef?

or something to that effect…

but you know here, i think if deep inside you really want it, its hard to quit… like now that i reflected it, at first i was thinking i just dont want to quit cause im already in and quitting will be an embarassment but you know, i think i really want to be a doctor, its interesting, i cant imagine id do anything else… when i think about the future… its just that there, i cant see another option…


see, its hard, so darn hard… but its so darn fun and fullfiling

and i dont know what else to say lol…

@kahyehm – twitter


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