good day!

hi ! my life’s kind of good today, i dont know, like you care right? haha…

anyway, i just learned yesterday that i got promoted for 2nd year medicine!

i really thought id get cut! so that was a surprise! see i took a removal exam on Biochemistry (hard as ass subject you know, i never got more than 68 on my grades on it, but then again i had great participation on our research <actually, im the one who found it> and a little participation on the play im like the little DJ (lol!)) so, anyway i have this habit of counting my sure answers after i took the exam… its up to a hundred and i need to get 65 (tough!) then… after i counted, i only got 53 sure answers… so you can imagine my anxiety the whole wed and thur… gosh… i was making promises to myself that if id pass id do this, and that… it was kind of pathetic though… lol! anyway and then i was expecting the list to turn up on saturday, cause thats what i heard from a friend of mine, but then, like 7pm last night my friend texted me “promoted na tayo” or something… that means we passed… at first i didnt believe but then i logged in to facebook and sa my name on the list! and omg ! did i shouted and jumped for joy! i was carrying my dog (poor thing she must have gotten dizzy) and danced round and round with her…


only sad thing is that… not all of my friends passed… 2 got left behind 😦


anyway, i promised myself to do better next year, because i think i was sleeping half of the time i should be studying, actually, my friends had so much laugh on it its become an embarrassment lol! i was always sleeping and im only awake long enough to play candy crush on facebook… its actually a miracle that i passed now that i think of it??


anyway, enough of my ranting… im just happy… its good you reached this part of the blog? haha… dont unfollow me please… ill try to write as i can… or unfollow me if you like… its a free world lol!

anyway, im excited for june, new dorm, new year, new books (its not like i ever read them… lol) and my dad’s gonna buy me an ipad 4 and my bro a cellphone (good people! they spoil me!!)


2 weeks til the start of classes… wooooh!


back to candy crush! see you guys!

add me



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