gadget SURVEY (please answer?)

so… since im really good at computers (NOT!) i cant figure out how to make a survey tool here on wordpress… so anyway, i need to ask you guys something, my regarding what i wrote earlier… about my dad buying me a tablet and my brother a new phone…


so the choices are…

Sony Xperia Tablet Z



(or if you have other suggestions id be happy to take them)


for a phone

(my brother’s on a budget so i kinda need that to be on consideration)

Sony Xperia Active

Sony Xperia Go

(and what other choice you can give me would be great too!)


and i was wondering if its worth it that i buy a smart watch? what do you think guys? since im going to buy that with my own money, i need it to be worth it coz im kinda running low! LOL


so here are my needs,

im a med student so at the top of my mind i think i need to be able to make notes fast and efficient, or record video at a nice quality, or record the lecture… also in med, we look at specimens so, itd be nice to have a great camera!


id like to think i jog fairly often so, i need a phone that lets me do that…

i like games, so i like a phone or tablet that doesnt hang on me

and also, im a clutz so, i might drop these fairly often

i love music! who doesnt? so i kinda need to have great sound quality

and if it counts, good costumer service here in the PH



if youve already chosen the gadgets, what accesories do i need pertaining to my needs?



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3 thoughts on “gadget SURVEY (please answer?)

  1. mikereverb says:

    Since you’re in medical school, I’d definitely recommend an iPad. It’s being used more and more in the medical field, and some medical apps are only available in the ITunes App Store. Plus, it’s really fun to use!

    As for phones, I’m not exactly sure about SONY’s line of phones. I personally really like Samsung Galaxy phones, and the Galaxy S 2 should be pretty icheap right now. Even the Galaxy S 3 might be in your brothers’ range.

    Finally, if you’re serious about running and keeping track of how far you’ve gone, how many calories you’ve burned, etc. then a smart watch might make sense. Then again, I’m pretty sure there are apps for that too, and they’d be much cheaper than buying one of those watches.

    It’s always fun to buy new stuff! Spoil yourself! 🙂


  2. ice15ice says:


    For Games, I would prefer the iPad over Android Tablets, but for productivity… I honestly can do more with Android.

    iPad is a great device and there are a lot of accessories (from cases, external microphone to BT Keyboards) for it.

    For Phones, if you want something that life proof, then you’ll have very limited options from Sony. Only issue I have against the devices you mentioned is that they were both released running Android 2.3 and was later updated to 4.0, I would prefer something running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) out of the box, you might want to look at the S3 mini from Samsung.

    For Smart Watches, although the idea is great, you may want to wait until end of the year.

    I owned a Pebble Smart Watch and sold it immediately…. you may want to read my reasons.


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