so here’s the thing

ive been trying to post here for like ever on my phone and it just keeps saying wrong password… some bug i think?

so, i was thinking cause i saved my thoughts as drafts on my phone, do i still post it? because i dont feel it anymore, so whats the point right?

so i think i wont (did i just waste a minute of your time at this point? yes? i know… but if you have more time to waste… just continue to move your eyes left to right… left to right…)

so… right now, im in this numb state of mind… so many things to think about but im deciding to rid myself of these for a while, so… im using my vacation to work at my mother’s business… so i dont have to be stuck in the house and live like a couch for the rest of my vacational existence… it has been fun… you know i get to interview people and market our company … oh, i didnt say what company we have… lol… its a manpower services… and i dont know what else to say about it… so…

ive also become a loner, i think i turned down like 5 or 6 invites to go out of town, i dont know, i just developed this bummer attitude this summer, am i really itching for people to be pissed at me? i dont know… but i sure do hope not

the song im listening right now, my favorite as of the moment… you know my playlist is just basically in repeat all day with these 3 songs: stay by rihanna, i wont give up by jason mraz, and just give me a reason by pink… i think thats what i feel deep deep deep deep deep down inside? what do you think? omg… i miss posting here…

this is a complete waste of time… so im just gonna abruptly stop…

more waste of your time? follow me on twitter! @kahyehm

PS gosh i feel like a ranting teen ager!


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