me time part 2

Yesterday, my friends and I had a lazy fit and 4 of us didn’t come to class.. (I know a bit irresponsible.. But medicine can be hard ALL THE TIME, and we want to take breaks while we still can aka while we are still first years) so yesterday I just red a book light reading and a few lessons in anatomy and biochemistry cleaned the house.. You know watch game of thrones basically, just chillin’ and I loved it
Today, I mean right now I had a class just 3 hours no biggie and when I came home like an hour ago I bathed my dog and now I’m on my way to pampering myself in my day 2 me time or me time part 2.. Whatever… Its just nice to have some breather after almost 8 months of being stressed with exams.. Practicals.. Clinical case discussions reports and the likes.. Hehe

So.. See yah! I missed you! School year’s almost done so I hope I can post more (if I don’t have rémovals let’s hope I don’t fingers crossed tightly)

Anyway, what do you do when you’re stressed out? Tell me!!

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