i forgot how to be bum

So you know that feeling where you totally dread what you’re doing but the second you stop you miss it…

That’s what I miss now.. I mean okay.. The first 36 hours of my vacation was a bliss… My friends and I went to a water park with fake waves on the pool so we could like pretend we’re in a real beach… To which we don’t have the energy and budget for.(more on that later) 🙂 and after that I just lay in my bed all night and day reading novels and watching things I downloaded in the internet when I was not too busy for searching and clicking things and was too busy for watching them… But after that I was just dying of boredom . I mean, just thinking its too early to go out.. Given I have three weeks of vacation and just a week’s worth of allowance on my pocket.. I just can’t so early.. So anyway I just settled on eating like a pig and watching Curtis paradis’ Sims videos.. I love him btw.

So… That’s that so far …

Ill talk about the swimming stuff and med stuff later…

How about you have you ever been bum then… Worked or went to school then bum again and feel like you can’t do it? Tell me about it! This is an actual cry for help.. I’m so bored!! Haha!!

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